Why should you pay for wedding videography services?

Are you in the process of planning for your wedding day? Are you wondering whether it is worth spending money on videography? For your ore wedding shoots, there are quite a few places to go to if you are creative.

Although it can be a little costly, videography allows you to capture your special day forever. You will have wedding pictures that you can share with your loved ones so that they can also remember that day. Ensure that you hire a videographer so that you can make your loved ones happy. Do ask around and to yourself, what are the best wedding videographers in singapore that you can find?

When you hire a videographer to capture the best things about your wedding, you will have something to share with those who cannot attend, even when they want to. This provides an avenue to share your joy with the people you care about. They will feel included despite their inability to attend the actual wedding day.


In the future, when your children are old enough to understand, you can help share the joyous memories of your wedding day with them through film. It will help create new memories for them that they can remember well into their adulthood. Here are 5 Ideas you can use for your wedding film in Singapore.

A videographer will help capture your wedding memories for all time. In the future, when you can no longer remember your wedding day clearly, all you have to do is plug in the video and watch it all over again. You and your spouse can bond and fall in love all over again as you watch that special day caught on tape.


Videography services are therefore an important aspect of any wedding. You are far better of renting your wedding gown than compromising on the quality of videography services that you should obtain. If you want great memories of your wedding day decades from now, do consider engaging one, I did =)

Here are some resources that may help:

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Bachelorette Party 101 – Tips and Tricks

You need to throw one of those creative hen parties instead of opting for bland and boring. However, you must take care not to do anything that may end up damaging your marriage later on. This is very true as I have some friends their marriage got kinda.. damaged because of the hen’s night. They actually got a male stripper for her and she got drunk and.. things got a little out of hand. It is possible for you to have an interesting hen party that still fits within normal moral boundaries. You just have to think outside the box a little.

Below are some other alternatives rather than hitting the clubs, hiring a male stripper or any other crazy ideas.


Enjoy a spa treatment

Instead of throwing parties for days on end, you could opt for a spa package as a way to enjoy your last days of single-hood. You and your friends could have laid back cocktails amidst the relaxing sessions to bond and await your wedding day.

A few days of pampering can be a great way you ensure that you are fully relaxed on your wedding day. Think of all the trouble you will avoid along the way!

How about a food party?

Do you and your friends obsess about food all the time? Maybe you should consider throwing a party that is in line with your obsessions.

In Singapore, there are facilities that can accommodate hen parties that are geared toward cooking and baking. Why should you not take advantage of them? You can organize for a whole day or night of cooking that allows everyone who is invited to bond and form friendships. This option is wonderful because you all get to eat what you have made afterwards.

Check out Pinterest or theknot for more fabulous party idea for the night before your big day!